Advanced Research and AI Engineering


We believe that the next big thing in AI will be related to the bio-inspired evolutionary algorithms.

Deep Learning

We study how neuroevolution algorithms can improve deep learning techniques.


Our core beliefs that cognitive systems must be embodied to acquire general intelligence.

Research and Development

Our research and more...

Autonomous Maze Navigation

NeuroEvolution, Novelty Search

Psycho-Demographic profiling

Deep Artificial Neural Networks

Brain-Computer Interface

EEG, Machine Learning

NEAT Implementation with GOLang

NeuroEvolution (NEAT), RL

Artificial Swarm Intelligence

NeuroEvolution, Active Inference, FEP

Future Technologies Conference 2017

Deep Artificial Neural Networks


Life is poised on the edge of chaos

  • 2003-2008

    Intelligent NPC for games

    We started our acquintance with machine learning and artificial intelligence by developing intelligent non-player characters for a range of mobile games.

  • 2007-2011

    Ineractive Art Installations

    Using advanced computer vision techniques we built interactive art installations and interactive promotional stands for well-known international brands. We designed and implemented IoT hardware platforms for Bluetooth proximity marketing installations. We built augmented reality-based installation for motor show exhibition. We designed and implemented the music generation system used on several mass events.

  • 2014-∞

    Deep Machine Learning

    We started with active research and exploration of deep machine learning techniques and algorithms. Our team participated in a multitude of ML/DS contests. We do active research in the area of evolutionary computation and brain-computer interfaces. Our papers were published at arXiv, ResearchGate, Preprints, etc.

  • November 2017

    Future Technologies Conference

    We presented our research at the Future Technologies Conference 2017 in Vancouver BC, Canada

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